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It's estimated that 80 percent of laptop and desktop PCs carry company and business-related data, yet so many companies have no effective backup policy or even professional backup systems in place!
All too often, the data that resides on computers is backed up in the same physical location, and even on the same harware, leaving information vulnerable to user error, accidental damage or loss, and even theft.
Many companies (especially small ones) don't realise the level of risk they face from a loss of data. . . it's quite possible for a business to be wiped out overnight.

Even the most reliable computer is likely to break down eventually. Many professionals recommend that you make two, or even three, backups of your files. To be especially safe, you should keep one backup in a different location from the others. You can back up files using operating system commands, or you can buy special-purpose backup utilities.
Backup programmes can compress data so that backups require less space.

Businesses should employ complete backup solutions that provide storage on removable media, data compression, automatic backups to offsite storage, and automated scheduling for increased reliability.

Talk to us about the best backup solutions for your business, your home or personal computing setup.


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