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What is a Virus?
A computer virus is a software programme, script, or macro that has been designed to infect, destroy, modify, or cause other problems with a computer. You can help prevent viruses getting into your system by installing an anti-virus protection programme (e.g. Norton, AVG, McAfee, TrendMicro etc).
The first "virus" was created by Fred Cohen in 1983, and referenced in a research paper in1984.

What is Spyware?
Spyware and Adware (also called "Malware") are files that allow publishers to spy on your browsing activity, see what you purchase and send you "pop-up" ads. They can slow down your PC, cause it to crash, record your credit card numbers and worse. If you're like most Internet users, chances are you've almost certainly had these files. Simply surfing the Internet, reading email, downloading music or other files can infect your PC without you knowing it.
There are some tips on how to deal with spyware HERE.



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